15 Pics, That’ll Make You Laugh And Cry At The Same Time

Troubles sometimes happen, and, unfortunately, we cannot hide from them. And there are things that we quickly forget about and they do not harm us much, but there are other things that we will remember for a long time or maybe even our whole life.

In any case, whatever happens, failure should be treated in a philosophical way. This has already happened and now you need to stay calm and think about how to fix it, if possible.

Here we are

Probably, while riding a scooter, it was necessary to check this section first, before dropping into it.

But let’s be honest, which of us would do that? Well, okay, nothing terrible happened, everything can be fixed, just need to try again.

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Not ice cream day

So you bought an ice cream in a store, put it in the front seat of your car, drive home and already imagine how you will enjoy the taste in front of your favorite movie, TV series or show.

But some things do not come true. We can only imagine what a disappointment the driver experienced when he saw such a picture.

The bike is out of size

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In general, it is certainly surprising that there are such low bridges, where even cars with luggage on the roof pass with difficulty or cannot pass, as in this case.

And then what should trucks, commercial vehicles and large SUVs do? That’s right, look for other ways to detour, which can take a lot of time.

Thanksgiving revenge

We do not know exactly what really happened, but everything around reminds of the revenge of this brave turkey for Thanksgiving.

In general, this situation has put me in some confusion. And what if this is not a coincidence? It would be necessary to re-burn the menu for the upcoming holidays.

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Phone crunch

If you have never lost, dropped, or broken the phone – you are lucky.

Well, what to do if an unpleasant situation happened with your phone, such as in this photo? Spill a little, get angry a bit, and go to the store for a new one in order to get positive emotions that will erase at least some of the negative ones.

Hot car

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In hot weather, try not to leave anything in the car, as the things you left can melt, leak, explode, etc.

And what could be the best proof of this statement than this pictorial photo. I think this is enough to convince you that you don’t need to do that.

Snow surprise

Before leaving the car, be sure to check whether all the windows are closed, and when leaving – check all the doors so that they are closed.

Probably, the owner of this car did everything right, but, he completely forgot that he has a sunroof. And this mistake cost him dearly.

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Failed laundry visit

How could this happen? We have no idea! Has the rotational speed been so high that a spark has arisen due to the friction force and everything has caught fire?

It sounds like a fantasy, and of course, this is hardly possible. But still, how could this happen, remains a mystery to us.

Heavy knowledge

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They say that learning is hard, and this is a popular expression that has nothing to do with physical labor.

But here is another matter! There really will have a lot of physical work to do everything as before. And only after everything is done, you can return to reading.

Drive failed

And again it is not clear how this happened and why it was necessary to drive close to the water on the beach? Did the navigator make such a route?

In any case, the car is a pity. It didn’t deserve such a fate, and we want to get it out of here as soon as possible.

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Unexpected stop

Of course, you can blame the driver that he was not careful enough to drive, and therefore got into such an unpleasant situation.

But who would have thought that would happen? And if it is impossible to drive around this section, where are the fences and warning signs?

Bad swim

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What do you feel looking at this photo? Personally, I am in incredible confusion! One can only imagine how annoying and painful the owners are to watch their yacht sink.

And what do they usually do in this situation? How to get and dry the yacht to put it in order again? Difficult to answer questions.

Cleaning in any weather

What am I seeing right now in this surprising photo? How can this be explained? Why is he doing this? Why now?

These and other questions arose in my head when I looked at this photo. And frankly, I do not find the answers, no matter how hard I try to do it.

Goodbye my phone

It seems that this is just a photo where girlfriends have fun on the bridge, making a joint photo as a keepsake.

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And now look more closely … You see the phone on the left, which probably flew out of the hand of the girl during the jump and now seeks away from her into the water. I wonder how it all ended.

Children’s surprise

And how it all began well, most likely. A caring adult decided to make a child nice and ride on his shoulders.

Maybe the child just became ill? Or maybe he ate something wrong? In any case, at some point, everything went wrong and it turned out this.

Images source: imgur.com