20 The Worst Kitchen Fails Ever

If you suddenly think that you don’t know how to cook, then what would you say about those who made these fails in the kitchen?

Ugly cake

If you can’t, don’t try. Probably something like this should have been said to someone who wanted to bake such a cake.

As we can see, it turned out so-so. I want to believe that this cake in the form of an ugly beast was not made for any children’s holiday, because kids will hardly like it and after that the holiday will most likely be spoiled.

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Big bang

Probably not only we are interested to know what happened here? But honestly, no idea comes to mind?

And in this case, it is a pity not so much spoiled food or the fact that there will be no dinner. Everything is much sadder. The kitchen, furniture, appliances and, of course, mood are spoiled. The owner will have to spend a lot of money to fix it.

Bad memory

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Do you want to know what happens when you forget something on the electric stove in the kitchen? Take a closer look and remember this instructive lesson for life!

When you cook food – strictly follow everything. This is very serious and can end in fire. Only after you have finished cooking, you can relax on the couch with a cooked meal and enjoy watching TV.

Enjoy your meal

Looking at this fried egg, it seems that these poor eggs really suffered a lot during frying.

Even speaking, after I saw this, my appetite disappears so much that I don’t want to eat not only this cooked dish, but completely, forever refuse eggs in any form.

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Not delicious caramel

Strange and even mystical picture. What could it really be? Lots of options, right?

But we hurry to reveal to you the most common truth. Just someone forgot about the fact that he prepares caramel. And that’s what came of it. But that’s okay, everything turned out only damaged dishes, and ingredients for caramel.

Forgotten glasses

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Probably, the person who baked this bread was so enthusiastically busy with his beloved business that he didn’t notice at all that he had lost his glasses somewhere.

There is another completely crazy idea. Suddenly, a favorite activity so much pleased with the eye that vision improves and there is no longer any need to wear glasses? But this, of course, is a joke.

What happened to you, Ariel?

A classic comparison of expectations and reality, or in other words, they wanted the best, but it turned out as always.

But the main important thing is to try. And the next time, we believe, everything will turn out exactly as you want. However, about this unsuccessful experiment it is better to forget as soon as possible, and never to remember. So it will be more useful for the psyche.

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There will be no pizza

Now tell me, whose ingenious decision was to make pizza in such a strange way? Although, the way is normal, but it was just easy to guess that without a plate under the pizza, it would quickly fall down through the holes on the grate.

However it still looks so appetizing. And it’s a pity that now it will have to be thrown away. Although, perhaps some separate parts are still edible and go straight to the stomach. Who knows?

Wrong choice

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Two things confused me here. First, explain to me why you need to heat the salad? It’s usually eaten cold. No, of course, there are salads that are eaten heated, but this is clearly not the case.

And secondly, if it was already decided to warm up the salad, was it possible to do it in a microwave oven or at least to find the right dishes for heating on the stove?

Microwave riot

This picture is like some kind of chemical experiment. Of course, everything is much more fun, although the chemical reaction here has occurred, although its result is not satisfactory.

In general, what’s the point. Before deciding to heat something in the microwave, make sure that you can do this. Otherwise, in addition to the spoiled mood, you will get spoiled food and kitchen appliances.

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It’s too spicy

They say in the east people love to eat spicy food. They really like it. Perhaps this egg is prepared for some special eastern recipe.

But it seems to me that this happened quite by accident and it will be difficult to find a brave man who decides to try this dish, which will certainly have a bad effect on the stomach and the body as a whole.

When very hungry

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What is clear to us from this incredible picture? It is better not to let so hungry people into the kitchen.

I wonder with what force someone tried to cut the fish? It’s a riddle! But in the end we got a cut board. Incredible power, which, by the way, made an indelible impression on us.

What happened here?

I wonder what they tried to cook in this kitchen? What in the end went wrong? And why there was such an incredible failure, because of which now at least you have to wash and, most likely, re-paint the ceiling, walls, floor, etc.

In any case, the owner of this kitchen is unlikely to allow this to happen again.

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No more hot drink

Probably, the one who decided to heat water for tea or coffee all his life used only ordinary kettles, which were heated on a gas stove.

That is why he decided to do the same with this electric kettle. That was his mistake. And you perfectly see the result yourself.

Too much

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Why we need recipes for cooking? That’s right! In order not to confuse anything, choose the right products, in the right proportion and and quantity.

But in this case, it was still very simple. Only rice and water. But, as we see, there was a lot of rice and it just had to run away from the pan.

So so sushi

What do you imagine when you hear the word sushi? Most likely, something appetizing, where a lot of delicious fish, caviar, seaweed, etc.

Many people probably tried at least once to cook sushi at home. But not everyone can handle it. Here is an example of a failed attempt.

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Burning spaghetti

Even in my wildest fantasies, I cannot imagine what I had to do to make the spaghetti catch fire.

And in general, I can’t even think that spaghetti can catch fire, especially in water! To be honest, this is a little shock for me! But I can handle it.

Wrong birds

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Classical comparison of expectations and reality. No matter how you try to repeat the beautiful recipe, downloaded, for example, from the Internet.

It is better for you to prepare for the fact that you will most likely be upset by the result, especially if you tried it for the first time.

‘Sorry honey’

There are people who, after making a mistake, try to hide it, and sometimes this is worse than failure itself. But in this case, a completely different thing, and this, in fact, despite the damaged slab, is to a certain extent commendable.

As for the plate, you can buy a new one, the main thing is to keep good relations.

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It just happened. You shouldn’t be upset about this, because you can just go and buy or order a new pizza.

Another thing, if you bought it for the last money and are very hungry. Then yes, the evening can hardly be called pleasant.