Celebs Who Gave Their Appearance And Voice To The Cartoon Characters

In order to make the cartoon successful, its authors usually try to attract to the process of creating famous actors. As a rule, celebrities give their voices to the main characters, but some have gone further and give their characters recognizable features in appearance and behavior. Let’s see what came of it.

Mila Kunis – Meg Griffin

‘Family Guy’, 1999 – 2013.

Mila Kunis is certainly a very popular actress and starred in a variety of films, including ‘Max Payne’, ‘The Book of Eli’, ‘Friends with Benefits’, ‘Ted’, ‘Bad Moms’ etc.

And we must say that the actress perfectly copes not only with movie roles, but also in cartoons. So for example, she dubbed Meg Griffin in the animated series ‘Family Guy’, which was repeatedly nominated for various awards.

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Tom Cruise – Aladdin

‘Aladdin’ (1992), ‘Aladdin’ (1994-1995), ‘Aladdin and the King of Thieves’ (1996).

Not immediately guess that the visual prototype of Aladdin was none other than Tom Cruise.

However, if you look at the character’s eyebrows and some smiles, then everything will become very clear. Now it is difficult to imagine Aladdin, whose appearance would be different from the one we used to see all these years. But it should be said that Tom didn’t voice the character himself.

Will Smith – Oscar

‘Shark Tale’, 2004.

And I thought, to whom does Oscar remind me? Now that I have learned the truth, everything seems so obvious. Of course, I knew that Will Smith is an actor and musician. But, to be honest, I didn’t at all imagine that he also appeared in the cartoon in the role of this charming fish.

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By the way, in 2005, for the role of Oscar, the actor received the Kid’s Choice Awards in the nomination ‘Best Voice in the Cartoon’.

Angelina Jolie – Lola

‘Shark Tale’, 2004.

And here is another character from the ‘Shark Tale’. When the animators were engaged in the development of cartoon characters, they initially decided that the characters would be similar to those who voiced them.

In the end, the fish Lola got Angelina Jolie’s puffy lips. And I must say, it turned out very well. What do you say?

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Ben Stiller – Alex

‘Madagascar’ (2005), ‘Madagascar 2’ (2008), ‘Madagascar 3’ (2012).

The film’s director, Tom McGrath, said that Ben Stiller was the first actor to be asked to play, and they knew exactly what they wanted. Their character, Alex, was supposed to be a big performing lion with a vulnerable side.

Considering the incredible success of the cartoon and the love to all characters, including Alex, we can confidently say that the authors have done their job perfectly.

Jeremy Irons – Scar

‘The Lion King’, 1994.

The main villain of the cartoon, according to the creators, was supposed to be elegant, but at the same time wild, to have a British accent, as well as green eyes.

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When voicing the choice fell on Jeremy Irons. When the actor agreed to cast his voice to Scar, the multipliers added more similarities between him and the lion. The result was a very memorable character.

Johnny Depp – Chameleon

‘Rango’, 2011.

Johnny Depp is accustomed to maximally get used to any role, even if it is cartoonish. When dubbing, the actor was plastered with touch sensors, and as result the chameleon received Depp’s movements.

It’s impossible not to note some similarity of the character with Jack Sparrow, which makes the cartoon hero more memorable and attractive.

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Eddie Murphy – Donkey

‘Shrek’ (2001), ‘Shrek 2’ (2004), ‘Shrek the Third’ (2007), ‘Shrek Forever After’ (2010).

Perhaps the most recognizable actor in the face of the cartoon character is Eddie Murphy. His Donkey from ‘Shrek’ is not only talkative, but also has a wonderful sense of humor, just like the actor himself.

How many good emotions and fun this favorite character gave us. Many thanks to the creators of the cartoon for choosing Murphy.

Alyssa Milano – Ariel

‘The Little Mermaid’, 1999.

Young Alyssa Milano, having come to the Disney studio in 1985 to pose for artists, and she didn’t know that they would copy the appearance of the main character of the upcoming cartoon about the little mermaid.

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The fact that she served as the prototype of Ariel, the actress learned already after the premiere in 1989 – when the animators sent her sketches with gratitude.

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Rihanna – Tip Tucci

‘Home’, 2015.

Well, how not to pay attention to the funny curls of a teenage girl Tip, which are very similar to Rihanna’s hair?

Later, the Barbados singer said that the wayward nature of the girl reminded Rihanna of herself in childhood. We can’t check it out, but how cool and cute was her cartoon character.

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Robert De Niro – Don Edward Lino

‘Shark Tale’, 2004.

Looking at this great white shark there is no doubt who gave him such appearance. Originally, Dona Lino was supposed to be voiced by James Gandolfini (The Sopranos), but he dropped out of the project and his place was taken by Robert De Niro.

We don’t know how Don would be performed by Gandolfini, but in the image of De Niro he is incomparable.

Hugh Laurie – Dr. Cockroach

‘Monsters vs. Aliens’, 2009.

A brilliant scientist, charming and sophisticated, but slightly mad. Who does this character look like?

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Oh yeah, right. This is almost Dr. House, although Hugh Laurie played a brilliant doctor (instead of a scientist) of there, but all the roles are somewhat similar. Again, Lori’s character helps people, and this turns out to be very peculiar, but always very effective.

Rowan Atkinson – Zazu

‘The Lion King’, 1994.

The hornbill who serves as the king’s majordomo (or “Mufasa’s little stooge”, as Shenzi calls him). Now it is difficult to imagine who could cope better with this role than the inimitable Rowan Atkinson.

Notice how similar the character is to the actor himself. Yes, this bird got not only the voice of Mr. Bean, but also the appearance.

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Robin Williams – Genie

‘Aladdin’ (1992), ‘Aladdin and the King of Thieves’ (1996).

Williams for his entire acting career played in a variety of movies, showed on the screen characters, from cheerful and funny to filled with deep sadness.

His film career included many works by famous directors, for example, one of our favorite films – Jumanji (1995). Also the genius actor gave his voice to Genie, an indispensable assistant and friend, without whom the adventures of Aladdin would not be so vivid and exciting.

Antonio Banderas – Puss in Boots

‘Shrek 2’ (2004), ‘Shrek the Third'(2007), ‘Shrek Forever After’ (2010), ‘Puss in Boots’ (2011).

Antonio Banderas first voiced a small cat with incredibly big eyes in ‘Shrek 2’, which premiered in 2004. By the way, especially attentive viewers may notice that this cat is very similar to another personage performed by an actor.

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Who are we talking about? Of course, about the fearless Zorro, the thunderstorm of enemies and a real macho who won the hearts of millions of women around the world.

Whoopi Goldberg – Shenzi

‘The Lion King’, 1994.

Shenzi is one of the three hyenas that help Skar kill his brother and take the royal throne.

Goldberg gladly accepted the invitation of Disney to become the prototype of the hyenas leader. As the actress herself noted, Shenzi is very funny, although her weakness is that she stands on the side where more promised.

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Meg Ryan – Anastasia

‘Anastasia’, 1998.

Initially, Meg Ryan didn’t agree to voice the character from the cartoon, but when the creators added Anastasia external resemblance to the actress, the actress gave up and took part in the creation of this remarkable story.

Only the hair color does not match, and as for the rest, it seems to us, Ryan and her cartoon character are very similar, aren’t they?

Lane Toran – Arnold

‘Hey Arnold’, 1996-2004.

Do you remember Arnold from the popular 90s animated series’Hey Arnold’? Of course, you remember. How can you forget this boy with an unusual shape of the head.

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Few people knew that this beloved character was voiced by this handsome and very hot actor and composer from Los Angeles. We always knew that in Arnold there was something attractive.

Bill Murray – Garfield

‘Garfield’ (2004), ‘Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties’, (2006).

Another cartoon cat, the prototype of which was the famous actor. But unlike Puss in Boots from ‘Shrek’, it’s a completely different character.

By the way, Bill agreed to the role without reading the script, about which he later regretted several times, because he didn’t like many remarks and jokes of a cat. But the contract was signed and it was too late to give up.

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Lucy Liu –  Master Viper

‘Kung Fu Panda’ (2008), ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ (2011), ‘Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness’ (2011-2014), ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ (2016).

Lucy Liu most likely dreamed of voicing some bright character. But she got the role of the Viper from ‘Kung Fu Panda’.

Well, this character turned out pretty nice and it seems to us, in this, considerable merit of the actress herself, although there is no obvious similarity between the actress and her cartoon character.